[Resource Topic] 2022/1764: Wi-Fi Security: Do We Still Have to Look Back?

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Wi-Fi Security: Do We Still Have to Look Back?

Authors: Karim Lounis


Wi-Fi is a wireless communication technology that
has been around since the late nineties. Nowadays, it is the
most adopted wireless short-range communication technology in
various IoT (Internet of Things) applications and on many wireless
AI (Artificial Intelligent) systems. Although Wi-Fi security
has significantly improved throughout the past years, it is still
having some limitations. Some vulnerabilities still exist allowing
attackers to generate different types of attacks. These attacks
can breach the authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity
of Wi-Fi systems. At the same time, many vulnerabilities have
been fixed or patched, and the attacks that were relying on those
vulnerabilities would fail on modern Wi-Fi systems. Therefore, it
is important for security engineers, in general, and for wireless
intelligent system designers, in particular, to be aware of the
existing vulnerabilities and feasible attacks on modern Wi-Fi
systems and their respective countermeasures. That would help
them to not have to look back and care about attacks that can
no longer be generated on today’s Wi-Fi systems. In this light,
we devote this paper to extensively review the attacks on Wi-Fi.
We group the attacks into feasible and unfeasible. Also, for each
attack, we discuss the possible countermeasures to mitigate it.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/1764

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