[Resource Topic] 2006/089: A Tree-based Model of Unicast Stream Authentication

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A Tree-based Model of Unicast Stream Authentication

Authors: Goce Jakimoski, Yvo Desmedt


When proving the security of a message authentication scheme,
the messages are considered to be atomic objects. Straightforward
application of such schemes to some information resources may
introduce security flaws.
Gennaro and Rohatgi (Crypto '97) identified the streams of data
as an important class of information resources that can not be
considered to be message-like, and they proposed a solution to
the problem of stream signing when the stream is not known in

The disadvantage of digital signing streams of data is that it
is not efficient when non-repudiation is not important, as in
the case of point-to-point communications.
We present several schemes and also a family of schemes for
stream authentication in a unicast setting. Since many
authentication schemes have been broken, we will prove our

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/089

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