[Resource Topic] 2005/308: Adaptable Group-Oriented Signature

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Adaptable Group-Oriented Signature

Authors: Chunbo Ma, Jun Ao, Dake He


A new type of signature is presented in this paper, named adaptable group-oriented signature. In contrast with traditional group-oriented signature, the new one laid a strong emphasis on how to improve the signer¡¯s efficiency. In fact, this new type of group-oriented signature can be seen as a type of designated verifier signature. In contrast with the ordinary designated verifier signature, it does not designate one member but several members to independently verify the signature. The designated members, who can independently verify the signature, come into a group. This scheme can ensure the anonymity of the verifiers. This type of signature can be used in such system that the compute resource is limited, such as the broadcast protocols of the mobile telephone in the mobile networks.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/308

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