[Resource Topic] 2019/1266: Note on the noise growth of the RNS variants of the BFV scheme

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Note on the noise growth of the RNS variants of the BFV scheme

Authors: Jean Claude Bajard, Julien Eynard, Paulo Martins, Leonel Sousa, Vincent Zucca


In a recent work, Al Badawi et al. have noticed a different behaviour of the noise growth in practice between the two RNS variants of BFV from Bajard et al. and Halevi et al. Their experiments, based on the PALISADE and SEAL libraries, have shown that the multiplicative depth reached, in practice, by the first one was considerably smaller than the second one while theoretically equivalent in the worst-case. Their interpretation of this phenomenon was that the approximations used by Bajard et al. made the expansion factor behave differently than what the Central Limit Theorem would predict. We have realized that this difference actually comes from the implementation of the SmMRq procedure of Bajard et al. in SEAL and PALISADE which is slightly different than what Bajard et al. had proposed. In this note we show that by fixing this small difference, the multiplicative depth of both variants is actually the same in practice.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/1266

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