[Resource Topic] 2023/354: Guessing Less and Better: Improved Attacks on GIFT-64

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Guessing Less and Better: Improved Attacks on GIFT-64

Authors: Federico Canale, María Naya-Plasencia


GIFT-64 is a block cipher that has received a lot of attention from the community since its proposal in 2017. The attack on the highest number of rounds is a differential related-key attack on 26 rounds~\cite{DBLP:journals/tosc/SunWW21}. We studied this attack, in particular with respect to the generic framework for improving key recovery from~\cite{DBLP:conf/asiacrypt/BrollCFLN21}, and we realised that this framework, combined with an efficient parallel key guessing of interesting subsets of the key and a consequent list merging applied to the partial solutions, can improve the complexity of the attack. We propose two different trade-offs, as a result of the improved key-recovery. We believe that the techniques are quite generic and that it is possible to apply them to improve other differential attacks.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/354

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