[Resource Topic] 2023/614: Comprehensive Preimage Security Evaluations on Rijndael-based Hashing

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Comprehensive Preimage Security Evaluations on Rijndael-based Hashing

Authors: Tianyu Zhang


The Meet-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack is one of the most powerful cryptanalysis techniques, as seen by its use in preimage attacks on MD4, MD5, Tiger, HAVAL, and Haraka-512 v2 hash functions and key recovery for full-round KTANTAN. An efficient approach to constructing MITM attacks is automation, which refers to modeling MITM characteristics and objectives into constraints and using optimizers to search for the best attack configuration. This work focuses on the simplification and renovation of the most advanced superposition framework based on Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP) proposed at CRYPTO 2022. With the refined automation model, this work provides the first comprehensive analysis of the preimage security of hash functions based on all versions of the Rijndael block cipher, the origin of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and improves the best-known results. Specifically, this work has extended the attack rounds of Rijndael 256-192 and 256-256, reduced the attack complexity of Rijndael 256-128 and 128-192 (AES192), and filled the gap of preimage security evaluation on Rijndael versions with a block size of 192 bits.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/614

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