[Resource Topic] 2006/059: High Security Pairing-Based Cryptography Revisited

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High Security Pairing-Based Cryptography Revisited

Authors: R. Granger, D. Page, N. P. Smart


The security and performance of pairing based cryptography has provoked a
large volume of research, in part because of the exciting new cryptographic
schemes that it underpins. We re-examine how one should implement pairings over
ordinary elliptic curves for various practical levels of security. We conclude,
contrary to prior work, that the Tate pairing is more efficient than the
Weil pairing for all such security levels. This is achieved by using efficient exponentiation techniques
in the cyclotomic subgroup backed by efficient squaring routines within the
same subgroup.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/059

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