[Resource Topic] 2020/583: A New Targeted Password Guessing Model

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A New Targeted Password Guessing Model

Authors: Xie Zhijie, Zhang Min, Yin Anqi, Li Zhenhan


TarGuess-I is a leading targeted password guessing model using users’ personally identifiable information(PII) proposed at ACM CCS 2016 by Wang et al. Owing to its superior guessing performance, TarGuess-I has attracted widespread attention in password security. Yet, TarGuess-I fails to capture popular passwords and special strings in passwords correctly. Thus we propose TarGuess-I$ ^+ $: an improved password guessing model, which is capable of identifying popular passwords by generating top-300 most popular passwords from similar websites and grasping special strings by extracting continuous characters from user-generated PII. We conduct a series of experiments on 6 real-world leaked datasets and the results show that our improved model outperforms TarGuess-I by 9.07% on average with 1000 guesses, which proves the effectiveness of our improvements.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2020/583

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