[Resource Topic] 2023/769: Brakedown's expander code

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Brakedown’s expander code

Authors: Ulrich Haböck


This write-up summarizes the sampling analysis of the expander code from Brakedown [GLSTW21]. We elaborate their convexity argument for general linear expansion bounds, and we combine their approach with the one from Spielman [Sp96] to achieve asymptotic linear-time under constant field size. Choosing tighter expansion bounds we obtain more efficient parameters than [GLSTW21] for their 128 bit large field, reducing the encoding costs by 25% and beyond, and we provide a similar parameter set for the Mersenne prime field with modulus p = 2^{31} - 1, optimized by the combined Spielman-Brakedown approach.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/769

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