[Resource Topic] 2004/022: Privacy-Enhanced Searches Using Encrypted Bloom Filters

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Privacy-Enhanced Searches Using Encrypted Bloom Filters

Authors: Steven M. Bellovin, William R. Cheswick


It is often necessary for two or more or more parties
that do not fully trust each other
to selectively share data.
We propose a search scheme based on Bloom filters and Pohlig-Hellman
encryption. A semi-trusted third party can transform
one party’s search queries to a form suitable for querying the
other party’s database, in such a way that neither the third party
nor the database owner can see the original query. Furthermore,
the encryption keys used to construct the Bloom filters are not
shared with this third party.
Provision can be made for third-party warrant servers'', as well as censorship sets’’ that limit the data to be shared.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/022

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