[Resource Topic] 2015/503: The Norwegian Internet Voting Protocol: A new Instantiation

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The Norwegian Internet Voting Protocol: A new Instantiation

Authors: Kristian Gjøsteen, Anders Smedstuen Lund


The Norwegian government ran trials of internet remote voting during the 2011 municipal elections and the 2013 parliamentary elections. From a simplified version of the voting protocol used there, the essential cryptographic operations of the voting protocol has been put together into a cryptosystem in which one can build the voting protocol on top of. This paper proposes a new instantiation of the underlying cryp- tosystem, improving our confidence in the security of the cryptosys- tem. The new instantiation is mostly similar to a previously defined instantiation, but allows parts of the security proof to be significantly improved.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/503

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