[Resource Topic] 2024/210: Rollerblade: Replicated Distributed Protocol Emulation on Top of Ledgers

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Rollerblade: Replicated Distributed Protocol Emulation on Top of Ledgers

Authors: Dionysis Zindros, Apostolos Tzinas, David Tse


We observe that most fixed-party distributed protocols can be rewritten by replacing a party with a ledger (such as a blockchain system) and the authenticated channel communication between parties with cross-chain relayers. This transform is useful because blockchain systems are always online and have battle-tested security assumptions. We provide a definitional framework that captures this analogy. We model the transform formally, and posit and prove a generic metatheorem that allows translating all theorems from the party setting into theorems in the emulated setting, while preserving analogies between party honesty and ledger security. In the heart of our proof lies a reduction-based simulation argument. As an example, our metatheorem can be used to construct a consensus protocol on top of other blockchains, creating a reliable rollup that assumes only the majority of the underlying layer-1s are secure.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/210

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