[Resource Topic] 2019/993: Private Set Relations with Bloom Filters for Outsourced SLA Validation

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Private Set Relations with Bloom Filters for Outsourced SLA Validation

Authors: Louis Tajan, Dirk Westhoff, Frederik Armknecht


In the area of cloud computing, judging the fulfillment of service-level agreements on a technical level is gaining more and more importance. To support this we introduce privacy preserving set relations as inclusiveness and disjointness based on Bloom filters. We propose to compose them in a slightly different way by applying a keyed hash function. Besides discussing the correctness of the set relations, we analyze how this impacts the privacy of the sets content as well as providing privacy on the sets cardinality. Indeed, our solution proposes to bring another layer of privacy on the sizes. We are in particular interested how the overlapping bits of a Bloom filter impact the privacy level of our approach. We concretely apply our solution to a use case of cloud security audit on access control and present our results with real-world parameters.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/993

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