[Resource Topic] 2003/197: Revisiting fully distributed proxy signature schemes

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Revisiting fully distributed proxy signature schemes

Authors: Javier Herranz, German Saez


In a proxy signature scheme, a potential signer delegates his
capabilities to a proxy signer, who can sign documents on behalf of
him. The recipient of the signature verifies both identities: that of
the delegator and that of the proxy signer. There are many proposals
of proxy signature schemes, but security of them has not been considered
in a formal way until the appearance of the work by Boldyreva et al.

If the entities which take part in a proxy signature scheme are formed
by sets of participants, then we refer to it as a fully distributed
proxy signature scheme.

In this work, we extend the security definitions introduced by
Boldyreva et al. to the scenario of fully distributed proxy signature
schemes, and we propose a specific scheme which is secure in this new

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/197

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