[Resource Topic] 2004/348: A weakness in Sun-Chen-Hwang's three-party key agreement protocols using passwords

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A weakness in Sun-Chen-Hwang’s three-party key agreement protocols using passwords

Authors: Junghyun Nam, Seungjoo Kim, Dongho Won


Recently, Sun, Chen and Hwang [J. Syst. Software, 75 (2005),
63-68] have proposed two new three-party protocols, one for
password-based authenticated key agreement and one for
verifier-based authenticated key agreement. In this paper, we show
that both of Sun-Chen-Hwang’s protocols are insecure against an
active adversary who can intercept messages, start multiple
sessions of a protocol, or otherwise control the communication in
the network. Also, we present a simple solution to the security
problem with the protocols.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/348

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