[Resource Topic] 2005/417: Correlation-Resistant Storage via Keyword-Searchable Encryption

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Correlation-Resistant Storage via Keyword-Searchable Encryption

Authors: Lucas Ballard, Matthew Green, Breno de Medeiros, Fabian Monrose


We consider the problem of using untrusted components to build correlation-resistant survivable storage systems that protect file replica locations, while allowing nodes to continuously re-distribute files throughout the network. The principal contribution is a chosen-ciphertext secure, searchable public key encryption scheme which allows for dynamic re-encryption of ciphertexts, and provides for node-targeted searches based on keywords or other identifiers. The scheme is provably secure under the SXDH assumption which holds in certain subgroups of elliptic curves, and a closely related assumption that we introduce.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/417

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