[Resource Topic] 2022/1583: Asynchronous Multi-Party Quantum Computation

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Asynchronous Multi-Party Quantum Computation

Authors: Vipul Goyal, Chen-Da Liu-Zhang, Justin Raizes, João Ribeiro


Multi-party quantum computation (MPQC) allows a set of parties to securely compute a quantum circuit over private quantum data. Current MPQC protocols rely on the fact that the network is synchronous, i.e., messages sent are guaranteed to be delivered within a known fixed delay upper bound, and unfortunately completely break down even when only a single message arrives late.

Motivated by real-world networks, the seminal work of Ben-Or, Canetti and Goldreich (STOC’93) initiated the study of multi-party computation for classical circuits over asynchronous networks, where the network delay can be arbitrary. In this work, we begin the study of asynchronous multi-party quantum computation (AMPQC) protocols, where the circuit to compute is quantum.

Our results completely characterize the optimal achievable corruption threshold: we present an n-party AMPQC protocol secure up to t4 corruptions, and an impossibility result when t\geq n4 parties are corrupted. Remarkably, this characterization differs from the analogous classical setting, where the optimal corruption threshold is t<n/3.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/1583

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