[Resource Topic] 2024/705: Large-Scale MPC: Scaling Private Iris Code Uniqueness Checks to Millions of Users

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Large-Scale MPC: Scaling Private Iris Code Uniqueness Checks to Millions of Users

Authors: Remco Bloemen, Daniel Kales, Philipp Sippl, Roman Walch


In this work we tackle privacy concerns in biometric verification systems that typically require server-side processing of sensitive data (e.g., fingerprints and Iris Codes). Concretely, we design a solution that allows us to query whether a given Iris Code is similar to one contained in a given database, while all queries and datasets are being protected using secure multiparty computation (MPC). Addressing the substantial performance demands of operational systems like World ID and aid distributions by the Red Cross, we propose new protocols to improve performance by more than three orders of magnitude compared to the recent state-of-the-art system Janus (S&P 24). Our final protocol can achieve a throughput of over a million Iris Code comparisons per second on a single CPU core, while protecting the privacy of both the query and database Iris Codes. We additionally investigate GPU acceleration for some building blocks of our protocol, which results in further speedups of over 38x compared to the respective multi-threaded CPU implementation.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/705

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