[Resource Topic] 2023/949: Generalized word-oriented feedback shift registers

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Generalized word-oriented feedback shift registers

Authors: Susil Kumar Bishoi


The word-oriented feedback shift registers (WFSRs) possess very attractive properties as they take advantage of modern word-based processors and thus increase the throughput. We provide a generalized form of the feedback function of WFSR along with some special cases. Then, a necessary and sufficient condition for nonsingular WFSR is discussed. We
study different word-based cascade systems and the period of sequences produced by these cascade systems is derived. We provide experimental results on avalanche property on states of cascade systems and statistical results of sequences produced by them. Finally, we present a crypt-analytic attack on cascade systems and suggest its countermeasure.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/949

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