[Resource Topic] 2023/244: Semi-Quantum Copy-Protection and More

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Semi-Quantum Copy-Protection and More

Authors: Céline Chevalier, Paul Hermouet, Quoc-Huy Vu


Properties of quantum mechanics have enabled the emergence of quantum cryptographic protocols achieving important goals which are proven to be impossible classically. Unfortunately, this usually comes at the cost of needing quantum power from every party in the protocol, while arguably a more realistic scenario would be a network of classical clients, classically interacting with a quantum server.
In this paper, we focus on copy-protection, which is a quantum primitive that allows a program to be evaluated, but not copied, and has shown interest especially due to its links to other unclonable cryptographic primitives. Our main contribution is to show how to dequantize existing quantum copy-protection from hidden coset states, by giving a construction for classically-instructed remote state preparation for coset states. We also present the first secure copy-protection scheme for point-functions in the plain model, to which our dequantizer can be applied.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/244

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