[Resource Topic] 2006/157: An efficient way to access an array at a secret index

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An efficient way to access an array at a secret index

Authors: Timothy Atkinson, Marius C. Silaghi


We propose cryptographic primitives for reading and assigning the
(shared) secret found at a secret index in a vector of secrets. The
problem can also be solved in constant round with existing general
techniques based on arithmetic circuits and the ``equality test’’
in [Damgard.et.al 05]. However the proposed technique requires to
exchange less bits. The proposed primitives require a number of rounds
that is independent of the size N of the vector, and only depends
(linearly) on the number t of computing servers. A previously known
primitive for reading a vector at a secret index works only for
2-party computations. Our primitives work for any number of computing

The proposed techniques are secure against passive attackers, and zero
knowledge proofs are provided to show that exactly one index of the array is read/written. The techniques work both with multiparty computations based on secret sharing and with multiparty computations based on threshold homomorphic encryption.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/157

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