[Resource Topic] 2005/164: A Distinguish attack on COSvd Ciphers

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A Distinguish attack on COSvd Ciphers

Authors: Mohammad Ali Orumiehchi ha, Dr. R. Mirghadri


Abstract: The COSvd Ciphers has been proposed by Filiol and others (2004). It is a strengthened version of COS stream cipher family denoted COSvd that has been adopted for at least one commercial standard. We propose a distinguish attack on this version, and prove that, it is distinguishable from a random stream. In the COSvd Cipher used one S-Box (10×8) on the final part of cipher. We focus on S-Box and use weakness this S-Box for distinguish attack. In addition, found a leak on HNLL that the sub s-boxes don’t select uniformly. We use this property for an Improve distinguish attack.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/164

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