[Resource Topic] 2017/262: When It’s All Just Too Much: Outsourcing MPC-Preprocessing

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When It’s All Just Too Much: Outsourcing MPC-Preprocessing

Authors: Peter Scholl, Nigel P. Smart, Tim Wood


Most modern actively secure multiparty computation protocols make use of a function and input independent pre-processing phase. This pre-processing phase is tasked with producing some form of correlated randomness and distributing it to the parties. Whilst the “online” phase of such protocols is exceedingly fast, the bottleneck comes in the pre-processing phase. In this paper we examine situations where the computing parties in the online phase may want to outsource the pre-processing phase to another set of parties, or to a sub-committee. We examine how this can be done, and also describe situations where this may be a benefit.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/262

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