[Resource Topic] 2016/803: Biometric Based Network Security Using MIPS Cryptography Processor

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Biometric Based Network Security Using MIPS Cryptography Processor

Authors: Kirat Pal Singh


—The empowerment in network on chip (NOC) and System on chip (SOC) in Microelectronics and Sensors have developed the various wireless communication Network technologies. In the past few years, many researchers have been focusing on building system architecture of network monitoring to improve the technical requirement specially designed for network security. Less research was found in providing the strong biometric based network security system to provide bulletproof security. The popular MIPS based cryptography processor is used for hardware and software products and standards require big cryptography keys length for higher security level. The major weakness of Normal cryptography system based on asymmetric algorithms need the storage of secret keys. Stored keys are often protected by poorly selected user passwords that can either be guessed or obtained through brute force attacks. Combining biometric with MIPS cryptography processor is as a possible solution. In this paper I propose a new approach to network security using MIPS based crypto processor based on contactless palm vein biometric system. This approach takes into account NOC constraints and its topology. It provides more security with less key length and there is no need to store any private key anywhere.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2016/803

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