[Resource Topic] 2024/519: On implementation of Stickel's key exchange protocol over max-min and max-$T$ semirings

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On implementation of Stickel’s key exchange protocol over max-min and max-T semirings

Authors: Sulaiman Alhussaini, Serge˘ı Sergeev


Given that the tropical Stickel protocol and its variants are all vulnerable to the generalized Kotov-Ushakov attack, we suggest employing the max-min semiring and, more generally, max-T semiring where the multiplication is based on a $T-$norm, as a framework to implement the Stickel protocol. While the Stickel protocol over max-min semiring or max-T semiring remains susceptible to a form of Kotov-Ushakov attack, we demonstrate that it exhibits significantly increased resistance against this attack when compared to the tropical (max-plus) implementation.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/519

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