[Resource Topic] 2010/054: An Improved Timing Attack with Error Detection on RSA-CRT

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An Improved Timing Attack with Error Detection on RSA-CRT

Authors: Cai-Sen CHEN, Tao Wang, Jun-Jian Tian


Several types of timing attacks have been published, but they are either in theory or hard to be taken into practice. In order to improve the feasibility of attack, this paper proposes an advance timing attack scheme on RSA-CRT with T-test statistical tool. Similar timing attacks have been presented, such as BB-Attack and Shindler’s attack, however none of them applied statistical tool in their methods with such efficiency, and showed the complete recovery in practice by attacking on RSA-CRT. With T-test, we enlarge the 0-1 gap, reduce the neighborhood size and improve the precision of decision. However, the most contribution of this paper is that our algorithm has an error detection property which can detect the erroneous decision of guessing qk and correct it. We could make the success rate of recovering q to be 100% indeed for interprocess timing attack, recovery 1024bits RSA key completely in practice.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2010/054

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