[Resource Topic] 2006/262: Logical Concepts in Cryptography

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Logical Concepts in Cryptography

Authors: Simon Kramer


This thesis is about a breadth-first exploration of logical concepts in cryptography and their linguistic abstraction and model-theoretic combination in a comprehensive logical system, called CPL (for Cryptographic Protocol Logic). We focus on two fundamental aspects of cryptography. Namely, the security of communication (as opposed to security of storage) and cryptographic protocols (as opposed to cryptographic operators). The primary logical concepts explored are the following: the modal concepts of belief, knowledge, norms, provability, space, and time. The distinguishing feature of CPL is that it unifies and refines a variety of existing approaches. This feature is the result of our wholistic conception of property-based (modal logics) and model-based (process algebra) formalisms.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/262

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