[Resource Topic] 2023/101: Practical Preimage Attack on 3-Round Keccak-256

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Practical Preimage Attack on 3-Round Keccak-256

Authors: Xiaoen Lin, Le He, Hongbo Yu


This paper combines techniques from several previous papers with some modifications to improve the previous cryptanalysis of 3-round Keccak-256. Furthermore, we propose a fast rebuilding method to improve the efficiency of solving equation systems. As a result, the guessing times of finding a preimage for 3-round Keccak-256 are decreased from 2^{65} to 2^{52}, and the solving time of each guess is decreased from 2^{9} 3-round Keccak calls to 2^{5.3} 3-round Keccak calls. We identify a preimage of all ‘0’ digest for 3-round Keccak-256 to support the effectiveness of our methodology.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/101

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