[Resource Topic] 2019/880: A Blockchain-Based Access Control Scheme for Smart Grids

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A Blockchain-Based Access Control Scheme for Smart Grids

Authors: Yuyang Zhou, Yuanfeng Guan, Zhiwei Zhang, Fagen Li


At present, the access control schemes in the power grid are centralized. In the centralized system, the data of the network sensor nodes is transmitted by centralized nodes, and the data itself may be illegally tamped with or lost, which can lead to reduced system reliability. For this feature, we apply blockchain technology to the design of access control schemes. In this paper, we propose a blockchain-based access control scheme that is suitable for multiple scenarios in the smart grid. Our access control scheme is based on an identity-based combined encryption, signature and signcryption scheme. In addition, we design a consensus algorithm in the power system for the consortium blockchain architecture to solve the key escrow problem of the untrusted third parties. Our scheme also ensures the confidentiality, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation of the data. Compared with the existing work, our scheme can use the same key pair to encrypt, sign and signcrypt the message, which has lower computation and communication costs in multiple scenarios of smart grids.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/880

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