[Resource Topic] 2020/877: Unclonable Decryption Keys

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Unclonable Decryption Keys

Authors: Marios Georgiou, Mark Zhandry


We initiate the study of encryption schemes where the decryption keys are unclonable quantum objects, which we call single decryptor encryption. We give a number of initial results in this area: -We formalize the notion of single decryptor encryption. -We show that secret-key single decryptor encryption is possible unconditionally, in the setting where a limited number of ciphertexts are given. However, given an encryption oracle, we show that unconditional security is impossible. -We show how to use a very recent notion of one-shot signatures, together with sufficiently powerful witness encryption, to achieve public key single decryptor encryption. -We demonstrate several extensions of our scheme, achieving a number of interesting properties that are not possible classically.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2020/877

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