[Resource Topic] 2009/033: NESHA-256, NEw 256-bit Secure Hash Algorithm (Extended Abstract)

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NESHA-256, NEw 256-bit Secure Hash Algorithm (Extended Abstract)

Authors: Yaser Esmaeili Salehani, Amir Tabatabaei, Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh Abyaneh, Mehdi Mohammad Hassanzadeh


In this paper, we introduce a new dedicated 256-bit hash function: NESHA-256. The recently contest for hash functions held by NIST, motivates us to design the new hash function which has a parallel structure. Advantages of parallel structures and also using some ideas from the designing procedure of block-cipher-based hash functions strengthen our proposed hash function both in security and in efficiency. NESHA-256 is designed not only to have higher security but also to be faster than SHA-256: the performance of NESHA-256 is at least 38% better than that of SHA-256 in software. We give security proofs supporting our design, against existing known cryptographic attacks on hash functions.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2009/033

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