[Resource Topic] 2006/296: On the Generic Construction of Identity-Based Signatures with Additional Properties

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On the Generic Construction of Identity-Based Signatures with Additional Properties

Authors: David Galindo, Javier Herranz, Eike Kiltz


It has been demonstrated by Bellare, Neven, and Namprempre (Eurocrypt 2004) that identity-based signature schemes can be generically constructed from standard digital signature schemes. In this paper we consider the following natural extension: is there a generic construction of ``identity-based signature schemes with additional properties’’ (such as identity-based blind signatures, verifiably encrypted signatures, …) from standard signature schemes with the same properties? Our results show that this is possible for a number of properties including proxy signatures; (partially) blind signatures; verifiably encrypted signatures; undeniable signatures; forward-secure signatures; (strongly) key insulated signatures; online/offline signatures; threshold signatures; and (with some limitations) aggregate signatures. Using well-known results for standard signature schemes, we conclude that explicit identity-based signature schemes with additional properties can be constructed, enjoying sometimes better properties than specific schemes proposed until know. In particular, our work implies the existence of identity-based signatures with additional properties that are provably secure in the standard model, do not need bilinear pairings, or can be based on general assumptions.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/296

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