[Resource Topic] 2003/042: Timed Fair Exchange of Standard Signatures

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Timed Fair Exchange of Standard Signatures

Authors: Juan A. Garay, Carl Pomerance


In this paper we show how to achieve timed fair exchange of digital
signatures of standard type.
Timed fair exchange (in particular, contract signing)
has been considered before, but only for Rabin and RSA signatures
of a special kind.

Our construction follows the gradual release paradigm, and works on
a new ``time’’ structure that we call a {\em mirrored time-line.}
Using this structure, we design a protocol for the timed fair exchange
by two parties of arbitrary values (values lying on their respective
mirrored time-lines). Finally, we apply the blinding techniques of
Garay and Jakobsson to turn this protocol into a protocol for the timed
fair exchange of standard signatures.

The length of these mirrored time-lines makes another problem apparent, which
is making sure that the underlying sequence has a period large enough
so that cycling is not observed.
We also show how to construct these structures
so that, under reasonable assumptions, this is indeed the case.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/042

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