[Resource Topic] 2015/1026: Hardness Estimation of LWE via Band Pruning

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Hardness Estimation of LWE via Band Pruning

Authors: Yoshinori Aono, Le Trieu Phong, Lihua Wang


This paper, examining the hardness of the search LWE problem, is a refined continuation of previous works including (Lindner-Peikert 2011, Liu-Nguyen 2013, Aono et al. 2013) using lattice reduction and lattice vector enumeration. We adopt the attack to the LWE using discrete Gaussian distribution, and propose a new bounding method named band pruning in lattice enumeration. We update the security estimations for several parameter sets proposed in the literature. Finally, using the data gained in our experiments, we derive an explicit formula linking the LWE’s parameters with the bit security.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/1026

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