[Resource Topic] 2024/346: A data aggregation protocol based on TFHE

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A data aggregation protocol based on TFHE

Authors: Maria Ferrara, Antonio Tortora, Maria Tota


Torus Fully Homomorphic Encryption (TFHE) is a probabilistic cryptosytem over the real torus which allows one to operate directly on encrypted data without first decrypting them. We present an aggregation protocol based on a variant of TFHE for computing the sum of sensitive data, working only with the corresponding ciphertexts. Our scheme is an ideal choice for a system of smart meters - electronic devices for measuring energy consumption - that demands consumers’
privacy. In contrast to some other solutions, our proposal does not require any communication among smart meters and it is quantum-safe.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/346

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