[Resource Topic] 2023/048: On-Line/Off-Line DCR-based Homomorphic Encryption and Applications

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On-Line/Off-Line DCR-based Homomorphic Encryption and Applications

Authors: Marc Joye


On-line/off-line encryption schemes enable the fast encryption of a message from a pre-computed coupon. The paradigm was put forward in the case of digital signatures.
This work introduces a compact public-key additively homomorphic encryption scheme. The scheme is semantically secure under the decisional composite residuosity (DCR) assumption. Compared to Paillier cryptosystem, it merely requires one or two integer additions in the on-line phase and no increase in the ciphertext size. This work also introduces a compact on-line/off-line trapdoor commitment scheme featuring the same fast on-line phase. Finally, applications to chameleon signatures are presented.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/048

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