[Resource Topic] 2023/193: Traceable Policy-Based Signatures with Delegation

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Traceable Policy-Based Signatures with Delegation

Authors: Ismail Afia, Riham AlTawy


In PKC 2014, a policy-based signature (PBS) scheme was proposed by Bellare and Fuchsbauer in which a signer can only sign messages conforming to some policy specified by an issuing authority. PBS construction supports the delegation of signing policy keys with possible restrictions to the original policy. Although the PBS scheme is meant to restrict the signing privileges of the scheme’s users, singers could easily share their signing keys with others without being held accountable since PBS does not have a tracing capability, and a signing policy key defines a policy that should be satisfied by the message only. In this work, we build on PBS and propose a traceable policy-based signature scheme (TPBS) where we employ a rerandomizable signature scheme, a digital signature scheme, and a zero-knowledge proof system as its building blocks. TPBS introduces the notion of anonymized identity keys that are used with the policy keys for signing. Thus it achieves traceability without compromising the delegatability feature of the PBS scheme. Additionally, TPBS ensures non-frameability under the assumption of a corrupted tracing authority. We define and formally prove the security notions of the generic TPBS scheme. Finally, we propose an instantiation of TPBS utilizing the Pointcheval Sanders rerandomizable signature scheme, Abe et al.’s structure-preserving signature scheme, and Groth-Sahai NIZK system, and analyze its efficiency.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/193

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