[Resource Topic] 2015/637: A Novel Cyberspace-Oriented Access Control Model

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A Novel Cyberspace-Oriented Access Control Model

Authors: Fenghua Li, Yanchao Wang, Rongna Xie, Jinbo Xiong, Fangfang Shan


With the developments of mobile communication, networks and information technology, many new information service patterns and dissemination modes emerge with some security and privacy threats in access control, i.e., the ownership of data is separated from the administration of them, secondary/mutiple information distribution etc. Existing access control models, which are always proposed for some specific scenarios, are hardly to achieve fine-grained and adaptive access control. In this paper, we propose a novel Cyberspace-oriented Access Control model, termed as CoAC, which avoids the aforementioned threats by comprehensively considering some vital factors, such as the access requesting entity, general tense, access point, resource, device, networks, internet-based interactive graph and chain of resource transmission. By appropriately adjusting these factors, CoAC covers most of typical access control models and fulfills the requirements of new information service patterns and dissemination modes. We also present the administrative model of our proposed CoAC model and formally describe the administrative functions and methods used in the administrative model by utilizing Z-notation. Our CoAC is flexible and scalable, it can be further refined and expanded to figure out new opportunities and challenges in the upcoming access control techniques.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/637

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