[Resource Topic] 2003/033: Integral Cryptanalysis on reduced-round Safer++

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Integral Cryptanalysis on reduced-round Safer++

Authors: Gilles Piret, Jean-Jacques Quisquater


In this paper we describe an integral distinguisher over 2 rounds of Safer++. It allows a practical attack against 3 rounds of Safer++128, as well as attacks on 4 rounds of Safer++128 and Safer++256, under the chosen-plaintext hypothesis. These results achieve much lower
complexity than the currently known best attacks on Safer++, namely
weak-key linear cryptanalysis by Nakahara. As a side result, we prove that the byte-branch number of the linear transform of Safer++ is 5.
We also discuss a way for further research in order to extend integral

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/033

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