[Resource Topic] 2005/405: Building Better Signcryption Schemes with Tag-KEMs

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Building Better Signcryption Schemes with Tag-KEMs

Authors: Tor E. Bjørstad, Alexander W. Dent


Signcryption schemes aim to provide all of the advantages of simultaneously signing and encrypting a message. Recently, Dent and Bjørstad investigated the possibility of constructing provably secure signcryption schemes using hybrid KEM-DEM techniques. We build on this work by showing that more efficient insider secure hybrid signcryption schemes can be built using Tag-KEMs. To prove the effectiveness of this construction, we will provide several examples of secure signcryption Tag-KEMs, including a brand new construction based on the Chevallier-Mames signature scheme which has the tightest known security reductions for both confidentiality and unforgeability.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/405

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