[Resource Topic] 2010/185: New Methods to Construct Golay Complementary Sequences Over the $QAM$ Constellation

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New Methods to Construct Golay Complementary Sequences Over the QAM Constellation

Authors: Wenping Ma, Chen Yang, Shaohui Sun


In this paper, based on binary Golay complementary sequences, we propose some methods to construct Golay complementary sequences of length 2^n for integer n, over the M^2-QAM constellation and 2M-Q-PAM constellations, where M=2^m for integer m. A method to judge whether a sequence constructed using the new general offset pairs over the QAM constellation is Golay complementary sequence is proposed. Base on this judging rule, we can construct many new Golay complementary sequences. In particular, we study Golay complementary sequences over 16-QAM constellation and 64-QAM constellation,many new Golay complementary sequences over these constellations have been found.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2010/185

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