[Resource Topic] 2014/291: Trial multiplication is not optimal but... On the symmetry of finite cyclic groups (Z/pZ)∗

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Trial multiplication is not optimal but… On the symmetry of finite cyclic groups (Z/pZ)∗

Authors: Antonio Sanso


The Discrete Logarithm Problem is at the base of the famous Diffie Hellman key agreement algorithm and many others. The key idea behind Diffie Helmann is the usage of the Discrete Logarithm function in (Z/pZ)∗ as a trap door function. The Discrete Logarithm function output in (Z/pZ)∗ seems to escape to any attempt of finding some sort of pattern. Nevertheless some new characterization will be introduced together with a novel and more efficient trial multi- plication algorithm.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2014/291

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