[Resource Topic] 2022/1769: PoRt: Non-Interactive Continuous Availability Proof of Replicated Storage

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PoRt: Non-Interactive Continuous Availability Proof of Replicated Storage

Authors: Reyhaneh Rabaninejad, Bin Liu, Antonis Michalas


Secure cryptographic storage is one of the most important issues
that both businesses and end-users take into account before moving
their data to either centralized clouds or blockchain-based decen-
tralized storage marketplace. Recent work [4 ] formalizes the notion
of Proof of Storage-Time (PoSt) which enables storage servers to
demonstrate non-interactive continuous availability of outsourced
data in a publicly verifiable way. The work also proposes a stateful
compact PoSt construction, while leaving the stateless and transpar-
ent PoSt with support for proof of replication as an open problem.
In this paper, we consider this problem by constructing a proof
system that enables a server to simultaneously demonstrate con-
tinuous availability and dedication of unique storage resources for
encoded replicas of a data file in a stateless and publicly verifi-
able way. We first formalize Proof of Replication-Time (PoRt) by
extending PoSt formal definition and security model to provide
support for replications. Then, we provide a concrete instantia-
tion of PoRt by designing a lightweight replica encoding algorithm
where replicas’ failures are efficiently located through an efficient
comparison-based verification process, after the data deposit period
ends. PoRt’s proofs are aggregatable: the prover can take several
sequentially generated proofs and efficiently aggregate them into
a single, succinct proof. The protocol is also stateless in the sense
that the client can efficiently extend the deposit period by incre-
mentally updating the tags and without requiring to download the
outsourced file replicas. We also demonstrate feasible extensions
of PoRt to support dynamic data updates, and be transparent to
enable its direct use in decentralized storage networks, a property
not supported in previous proposals. Finally, PoRt’s verification
cost is independent of both outsourced file size and deposit length.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/1769

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