Welcome to Ask Cryptography

Welcome to Ask Cryptography, a place to accumulate knowledge around papers in cryptography.

Ask Cryptography is a non-commerical community project targeted towards cryptography researchers and everyone else that reads cryptography research papers. It aims to accumulate questions and discussions about ePrint papers and serve them to users in a convenient way.

How to use this website.

Ask Cryptography contains all papers that is available in IACR ePrint Cryptology Archive. As you may know, papers are identified with years and sequence numbers on ePrint (e.g. 1996/001). Here, each paper has a single page that contains all questions, discussions and resources that has been posted so far. This page is accessible via askcryp.to/1996/001 (similar to https://eprint.iacr.org/1996/001). In addition, you can easily refer to these pages in your posts by typing #1996-001. This is how a paper page looks like:

Creating a topic

To create a topic, click the New Topic button on any page. Note that the post editor has \LaTeX support. For inline LaTeX, please use $$ and for centered, please use $$ $$.

Topics are linked with papers using tags. If a topic tags a specific paper (e.g. 1996-001 is the tag for https://eprint.iacr.org/1996/001) the topic will show up on that paper’s page (e.g. askcryp.to/1996/001).

It is possible to add more than one tag to a topic; this means that a topic can be related to multiple papers.

For each paper, there are three kinds of topic categories in this community:

  • Resource Topics: These topics fall under the category Resource. Their purpose is to include the necessary metadata about a paper. Under this topic, users can post many resources that will be useful for understanding the paper (Example resources include: implementations, explanation materials, talks, slides, links to previous discussions on other websites). Resource Topics are already created for each paper in our system and can not be created by other users.

  • Question Topics: These topics fall under the category Question. They include a question about a specific paper. Topics under this category has an additional feature called “Solved”. The replies to the question topics can be marked as solved.

  • Discussion Topics: These topics fall under the category Discussion. Their purpose is to initiate discussions about a paper in general.

Verified Authors

If you have a published preprint on ePrint, you can become a verified author in our website. If you are a verifier author, all topics tagged with your papers include your username at the top of the topic. If you send a reply to any of these topics, people are able to understand whether a response is coming from one of the authors or not. An example topic related to a paper with a verified author:

In order to verify yourself as an author, please follow the Author Verification Guide.

The Meta Category

If you have any feedback for the website or a feature request, you can create a topic under the Meta Category. You can always contact our staff members listed here.

Please also read our FAQ/Guidelines before using our platform.

If you would like to learn more about the design decisions on this website, you can specifically read the following FAQ entry).