Feature Request: automatically linking YouTube videos and other resources

This may be hard to implement, but usually, associated to a paper, we can find different resources online such as a YouTube video of a presentation or the slides. These can be added manually of course (e.g. here), but it would be good to have a more scalable and automated solution (I know it can be hard to “crawl” for these resources in an automated manner, but a good starting point for instance could be the IACR YouTube channel).


Actually, IACR CryptoDB (The database that holds the conference metadata) has a public API (IACR Crypto DB APIs) that includes the youtube video and slides links (if they exist for the paper). I think this data is available for Crypto, Eurocrypt, Asiacrypt, "FSE, CHES, TCC and PKC.

I will see if I can pair them with ePrint papers using the paper titles. We can add these to the body of the Main Resource Topics.

Adding the feature to the new features queue. Thanks!

This feature has been added. Related announcement: Announcement: Renaming of the "Main" Category to "Resource"

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