Announcement: Renaming of the "Main" Category to "Resource"

We have renamed the “Main” category to “Resource” to reflect its purpose in a better way.

Initially, “Main” was a shorthand for the “Main Resource Topics”, but we realized that it was not a good representative of its purpose. Due to the naming, they were confused for being a paper’s main page (they are not). Now we call them “Resource Topics”.

Their purpose is to serve the initially available metadata for ePrint papers and to crowdsoure other external resources about the paper underneath. Short discussions related to papers might naturally occur under these topics. But all other questions & discussions should have their own separate topics under the “Question” and “Discussion” categories (as explained in our welcome topic).

Small feature update: we added a small new feature that lets us automatically add the links to talks and slides (when available) of papers published in IACR venues (CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT, PKC, FSE, CHES and TCC). All resource topics have been retroactively updated.

Enjoy your time in the platform!

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