Isogeny Club Talk #7: Horizontal Racewalking using Radical Isogenies

Here is a discussion thread for the 7th session of The Isogeny Club, where Marc Houben presents his talk titled: Horizontal Racewalking using Radical Isogenies

Radical isogeny formulae are equations that can be used to efficiently compute long chains of isogenies of small degree. Basically, they express the coefficients of the next curve in a chain of N-isogenies explicitly in terms of some expression involving the N-th root of a quantity depending on the Weierstrass coefficients of the input curve. One can prove that such an expression always exists, but finding it is a nontrivial task. We present a new method for finding radical isogeny formulae that extends the range for which we know them from N ≤ 13 to N ≤ 37.

We rewrite the existing and new formulae to optimize for fast evaluation. For even N, we present a conjecture that determines which N-th root must be taken in order to stay on the surface of the CSIDH isogeny graph, and we prove this conjecture for N ≤ 14. The combination of the above results in a speed up of a factor 3 for long chains of 2-isogenies over 512 bit prime fields, and we gain 12% over the previous implementation of CSIDH with radical isogenies.

(we post a link to the video when available)

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