Isogeny Club Talk #4: A new algorithm for the effective Deuring correspondence

Here is a discussion thread for the fourth session of The Isogeny Club, where Antonin presents his talk titled: A new algorithm for the effective Deuring correspondence: making SQISign faster.

The quantum computer is a threat to cryptography as it can solve the problems upon which relies the security of a lot of protocols. Isogeny-based cryptography is a family of protocols relying on the hardness of finding an isogeny between two supersingular elliptic curves, a problem assumed hard even for a quantum computer. In this talk, we focus on the connection between isogeny-based cryptography and quaternion algebras called the Deuring correspondence.

We will start with a generic overview of the applications of the Deuring correspondence to isogeny-based cryptography, before presenting a new algorithm to compute and realize the Deuring correspondence. In particular, this can be applied to speed up the SQISign signature scheme.

We post the video here when available.

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Did anyone tried to compile the new signature scheme GitHub - SQISign/sqisign-ec23: Implementation of the signature scheme SQISign accompanying the paper "New algorithms for the Deuring correspondence - Towards practical and secure SQISign signatures" (EUROCRYPT'23). in ARM based system like mac m1 or Raspberry pi?