Filter out new ePrints


I’ve noticed that as soon as new papers hit the ePrint, the front page is flooded with new topics.
This makes it a bit tricky to see what was actually being discussed before the new-paper-flood.
Is is possible to filter out these “automated” new topics and see only the “organic” discussion?

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This is indeed a very good idea. As a quick fix, I put an Active navigation item on the main page:

This simply displays topics with at least one reply. However, this will also hide the user created topics with zero replies. Resolving that might take a bit more time but let me know if this works as a temporary solution.

Also, for questions and discussions, you can always use the category filter:

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Yeah, that works!

So theoretically, we’d just need a filter of {topics with >0 replies on the category [Resource]} + {all other topics}

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Exactly, that type of query is currently not supported by default. However, it is definitely possible to add it and I will update this post when it is done.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion again!